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 Cool news! We’re gonna be making a new set of Postcards to sell in our RECord Store based on catamaranwestern’s collaboration “Scenes From a Fictional Film.” There are tons of potential visuals for the fronts of these Postcards - now let’s make the backs of ‘em!


WRITERS: Write a Fake Film Synopsis (including a Fake Title & Release Date) for your favorite visual contributions to the collab. You can release these as Text Record (please resource the visual you’re writing about) or use THIS TEMPLATE to create both the Front & Back of your Postcard design.

CURATORS: Make an Album of 10 Postcards from the collaboration that you think would work well together as a set.


Contribute to the “Scenes from a Fictional Film” collab HERE

HITRECord 2 is looking for collaborators!!!

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    I am having altogether too much fun with this project. "The Incident at Black Lake" (1971) [remixed from someone else’s...
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